school & welfare

Free Second Chance Education

SISP has a for each child so they can improve their opportunities in life.

Still many children drop out of schools because of poverty and/or they are not supported to go to school by their home environment.

SISP will pick them up by our schoolbus, provides them free education, food, materials, medical care, recreation, dresses and a monthly school allowance.  Besides the classic subjects we give importance in helping them to employ their whole personality by creative classes, yoga, dance, sports, surf and skating.

After a few years of training in SISP, many of them can join regular schools again.  We help for admission and tuition.  Others, we prepare for the public exams.  Nearly all of them pass their public exams.

Dozens of  youngsters graduated higher or vocational education with scholarships from SISP and are lifting their families now out of poverty by well paid jobs (nursing, engineering, computer, tourism, beauticians, etc........)

Social Welfare Center

Many families are living below poverty line (BPL). They are suffering for food, medical help, etc....They are single parents or families who are having a chronic or terminal sick family member, or they are old aged, homeless and abandoned. They apply for help from our center. A social worker will visit the applicant and makes a social & financial report to determine if they are living BPL. During the two weekly meetings of the social workers with the project officer and manager, the team will decide if the applicant is eligible for aid or not.  If selected, monthly a social worker will visit the family to guide and support them.  The applicant can come to the center for his/her monthly care.